Camp Notre Dame

Child Protection

The Camp Notre Dame Inc. Board of Directors joins with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie in affirming that the the pastoral compassion for victims of abuse and the protection of children remains our top priority. The Board of Directors continues to implement child protection policies that exceed Pennsylvania requirements to ensure that every one of the children we serve has a safe and enriching experience.

At Camp Notre Dame, our hiring procedures, training requirements for employees and regular volunteers, and our policies governing safety and supervision reflect our commitment to provide a safe and enriching camp experience for every camper.

All summer staff responsible for the direct supervision of children must:

  • Obtain the following background checks:
    • Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance
    • Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check
    • Federal Criminal History Record Information
  • Successfully complete training in child abuse recognition and reporting in accordance with PA Act 34 of 2014.
  • Successfully complete the “Creating a Safe Environment” training program of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie
  • Maintain current training and active certification in CPR and first aid
  • Abide by the Policy for the Protection of Children of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie

Each year, new and returning summer staff participate in week-long training and orientation, including:

  • CPR and first aid training
  • Review of Camp Notre Dame’s policies as well as regular and emergency procedures
  • Training in positive behavioral support
  • Maintaining safe and effective supervision of children

All members of the Board of Directors and all regular volunteers, regardless of their interaction with children, must comply with:

  • All Pennsylvania Child Protective Service Laws that pertain to volunteers having direct contact with children
  • All requirements of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie for volunteers having direct contact with children

To help ensure the safety and proper supervision of our campers:

  • All resident structures accommodating children include at least two summer staff over the age of 18. Typically this includes
    a Cabin Counselor and a second summer staff member to provide additional support.
  • On-site and/or on-call medical professionals.

Questions regarding specific Camp Notre Dame policies and procedures related to the protection of children can be directed to the attention of John Yonko, Executive Director or Rachael Passauer, Summer Camp Director by phone (814) 474-5001 or email.

Pastoral care and compassion for victims, as well as the protection of children and vulnerable adults, is a top priority of the Diocese of Erie. The diocese encourages anyone who has experienced sexual abuse or misconduct by a member of the clergy or any employee or volunteer of the church, to contact law enforcement. To report abuse to the independent investigators retained by the Diocese of Erie, email In addition, victims or concerned individuals can report abuse to ChildLine, an outreach of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, by calling 800-932-0313. The line is open 24/7, and callers may choose to remain anonymous. Victims also are welcome to contact the diocese directly to report abuse at 814.451.1543. Counseling assistance is available for victims and/or their families through the diocesan victim assistance coordinator, Dr. Robert Nelsen, who can be reached at 814.451.1521.